Building and maintaining wealth takes financial sophistication and experience...
Continuous change in tax law and the financial environment make personal investing for affluent families more intricate and time-consuming than ever. Once you add on the complexities of estate planning or business ownership, it is easy to see why most affluent investors seek professional help. Many mainstream advisors have little experience managing complex tax planning for affluent families, though it is usually the most crucial ingredient. Many are set up instead to handle volume with a one-size-fits-all approach.
Unbiased Research
Planners with no proprietary demands to sell predetermined products tend to be more objective.  Our only allegiance is to your investment goals. Rather than align ourselves with a single investment house, we harness money managers in addition to managing individual securities on your behalf. Our advisors continually review your holdings to ensure they remain in concert with your objectives.
Experience - Delivering Comprehensive Solutions
Investment plans delivering optimum benefits go beyond a simple search for the highest return. High-net worth individuals need comprehensive planning that ties together every thread of their financial profile. Integrating all the pieces requires in-depth knowledge of how each component affects the big picture. Key elements include portfolio design, tax planning, estate planning, business succession and retirement planning. Many investment advisors have little experience working in all areas with high net worth individuals.
We are devoted to our clients for the long term with extensive career experience in financial planning and investment management.
Service - A Responsive Advisor
You want a close relationship with your financial advisor. You want your advisor there when you need them. We consider regular face-to-face meetings a crucial part of our service. Our advisors know it is important to spend all the time needed to educate you about your options and how changing market conditions might affect your portfolio.
You want your portfolio to be continually monitored and rebalanced to meet your objectives. Our advisors oversee your holdings and recommend realignments as financial conditions change.
We believe any solid financial plan begins with a detailed inventory of your current financial situation and a careful analysis of your short- and long-term financial objectives and your attitude towards risk. Only after this is completed should a thoughtful, objective diversified* re-allocation of assets be formulated. The following is the process our advisors go through with each client relationship.
I. A Complete Financial Assessment
Our advisors help you crystallize your financial goals through a series of in-depth questions that will help them develop your financial profile and, ultimately, lead to the development of an investment policy statement. This written statement acts as the foundation for the creation of your model portfolio and provides guidance in the selection of investments. Our advisors look at such things as:
  • Are you accumulating wealth or nearing retirement and preserving it?
  • Do you have estate planning/distribution needs that require attention?
  • Are there special tax situations we should be aware of?
  • Do you have particular education or special needs funding requirements in the short- or long-term?
  • Are you likely to inherit additional assets?
  • Do you, or will you, have additional investments from a company 401(k) or similar retirement plan that will require ongoing management?
  • Do you have a business that may potentially be sold?
  • How aggressive/conservative are you by nature?
Our advisors thoroughly analyze the implications of these issues vis-a-vis your ideal asset mix, and then they look at your current holdings to see how they match up. They look for such things as industry concentration, style breakdown, portfolio overlap, expense ratios and optimum tax pockets.
II. Develop A Model Portfolio
The next step is to develop your model portfolio that will be designed, in consultation with you and your other advisors, to help you achieve your stated investment objectives. We are firm believers in the power of diversification* to help protect all portfolios from downside risk, and our advisors tend to recommend allocating your assets across a diverse range of asset classes and individual instruments (e.g., large, mid, and small cap equities; long and short duration fixed income instruments; domestic and foreign; and cash or cash equivalents.)
III. Implementation
Once the basic framework is agreed upon, our advisors begin to reposition your existing portfolio so it aligns with your model. Depending on how different your existing portfolio is from the model, and the built-in tax consequences of making wholesale changes, they may implement these changes over a period of time.
IV. Ongoing Management Review
Markets change over time, as do your financial needs, and your investments should be reviewed on a regular basis to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.
 Quarterly reports are provided that show current holdings, market values and recent transactions, as well as views on current markets; and, if required, recommend changes. As fee-based advisors, we are not driven by the need to make changes to your portfolio, so you can be assured that recommendations are made in a objective manner and with one goal in mind - to manage the performance of your portfolio in line with your stated objectives. We believe that fee-based remuneration encourages a more objective viewpoint. You always know in advance what our management fee will be and we believe it is competitive.
*Asset allocation or diversification do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.
Tax and legal services are not offered through, or supervised by Lincoln Investment, or Capital Analysts.